Granada, Spain
October 14 - 21, 2017

Imagine waking up with a smile on your face. You rise from bed feeling rested and peaceful as you open the door to your patio. You gaze out at the Spanish hillside and take a deep breath of crisp mountain air. The haunting music of last night's flamenco dance is still pulsing through your heart and mind, and you notice a stirring in your body, a warmth you haven't felt in a good long while.
You place your hands gently over your heart, and as you exhale, tears well in your eyes. The moments of the past week roll through your body in a steady wave. The laughter echoing through the cobblestone streets of Granada. The warmth of the tears rolling down your cheeks as you gazed across the room at the sacred souls you now feel forever tied to. The gasp of awe that enveloped your being when you wandered through the gardens of the Alhambra. The rich, nutty taste of Spanish manchego cheese dancing on your tongue.
This is why you are here, why you traveled across an ocean and left your life behind. This feeling. This moment.
The warmth grows in your body, and you realize in an instant what has happened. Through all the sharing, all the stillness, all the exploration and all the release, the spark was finally lit. You heart is on fire. And in that instant you know you will never be the same. These few days in Spain have lit the match, and your life is about to light up the world. 
You begin to pack your things for the journey home, and with a smile you pause and close your eyes. You give thanks for this experience. You send love to the sisters who have traveled this path with you. And you ready yourself for the unfolding that is waiting back home. The magic has only just begun, and you feel more ready than you ever have in your entire life. 

Set your heart on fire in Granada, Spain

There is something so deliciously palpable about the energy of Spain. The passion that exudes from her spirited people, the rugged beauty that emanates from her storied lands, the heartbeat that pulses throughout her welcoming culture. She is a country of pure magic, a land that sparks fierce passion and lingering feelings of connection and joy, and she is waiting to ignite the spark that will set your heart ablaze.

For one enchanting week in the Spanish hillside of Andalucia, a group of willing souls will dive deep into the truth of their hearts and ignite the desires that will align them with the powerful, creative, passionate person they've been waiting to unleash. As a group we will create an upward spiral of energy, mingling deep soul work with Spanish culture in a passionate, fiery mashup of pure bliss. This is not just a retreat; it's an alchemical experiment. Join us.

Hearts on Fire is an intensive week-long meditation retreat for the experienced spiritual seeker wanting next-level growth and mystical activation in your life. 

Taught by sisters Lacy Young and Kayla Floyd, this retreat will focus on both meditation and practical mysticism to deepen your understanding of your own energy and empower you to create measurable, lasting change in your life. Practical mysticism includes the use of crystals, oracle cards and advanced meditation techniques to tap into the mystical and receive personal messages to guide your path. Together we will journey through your body to unlock areas of long-stored emotional pain liberating that energy for creation.

This retreat is aptly called Hearts on Fire because you will be igniting the fire of passion and creativity in your heart and life. As you free yourself from old programs and beliefs, you will gain greater clarity into your desires and passions, creating a ripple effect of joy, inspiration and potency. This retreat is about lighting a fire of vitality and possibility in you and carrying that flame home into your real life.

There will be a heavy focus on ritual and self-care, and you will leave with a clear roadmap for translating the magic experienced at the retreat into tangible, manageable everyday practices. You will leave profoundly changed.  

During our 8 days in Spain we will: 

  • Meditate multiple times each day and share intimately within our circle. (There will be a heavy component of sitting in stillness and a comfort-level with meditation is required.) 
  • Explore practical mysticism including the use of oracle cards, crystals and sacred ritual for channeling, receiving messages and reading energy. 
  • Learn how to use our intention and our energy to create physical and energetic space around ourselves for our desires then hold that space.
  • Clarify, identify and reveal the desires most aligned with our heart and set a path for connecting with them.
  • Focus in on three main areas of our lives that we wish to ignite and create measurable change in those areas. 
  • Travel deep within ourselves to free trapped energy in our bodies and transmute that energy into our hearts for creating what we actually desire.

Our hearts are the seat of our soul and the place from which we conceive, vision and create the lives we want. Our time together will spark the dynamite that has been waiting to explode from our big beautiful hearts. 

During our retreat you will receive: 

  • Six days of deep soul work led by sisters Lacy Young and Kayla Floyd in an intimate, safe setting
  • Accommodations at the beautiful Lucia Yoga retreat center nestled in the mountains outside of Granada, Spain
  • Three excursions to:
    • 1) Wander the historic streets of beautiful Granada and visit an Arabic tea house,
    • 2) Journey into a mountainside cave to experience the famed, Andalucian-born Flamenco dance, and
    • 3) Explore the majestic Alhambra, a captivating palace and fortress that dates back as far as the 9th century.
  • Three consciously prepared vegetarian meals each day for the entire duration of your stay
  • Materials and love gifts to augment your ignition, activation and transformation.

How do you want to feel in your life? Can you imagine a life lived from the fullest depths of your electric heart? What would your life look lived from the burning passions of your sacred heart?

Hearts on Fire is a culmination of years of deep spiritual work. It is the next level of growth and expansion for the many souls who have transformed at Shift and Shine Retreats, who have activated in the Sister Medicine Sacred Circles, and/or who have empowered in The Chakra System. This isn't for beginners. It is for spiritually-mature women and men ready to ignite a flame in their lives and stand tall in its radiant blaze.

This retreat is the most advanced work we teach. It is for you if:

  • You are truly ready for the next level of growth in yourself and your spiritual pursuits.
  • You already have a regular meditation or mindfulness practice and have no problem sitting in stillness for long periods of time.
  • You have done foundational work in the area of beliefs and have a working understanding of your energy body (the chakra system).
  • You have either attended a SHIFT or SHINE retreat, have taken the Chakra System, have participated in a Sister Medicine Circle or have done some other equivalent personal study or retreat work.  
  • If you’re not sure if this is for you, please feel free to reach out to Lacy and Kayla, and we will help you decide or find a program that suits your needs.

We'll see you Spain! Hasta pronto. 

The cost of the retreat covers our work together with materials, consciously prepared organic vegetarian meals daily, three group excursions, and your room.


Choose from shared or single rooms with prices ranging from $3710 to $3950 for the 7 nights and 8 days.

Option 1: Single Room | $3950

Hotel-style accommodations with in-room air conditioning and wifi. Double bed with ensuite bathroom. Some rooms feature a balcony.

Option 2: Shared Room | $3710

Hotel-style accommodations with in-room air conditioning and wifi. Two single beds with ensuite bathroom.

There is a terrific movement toward higher consciousness happening right now, which means retreats galore. Every time I visit Facebook or Instagram, someone I know or follow has launched a new retreat. So many to choose from, all kinds lead by all types. Many look interesting! However, I’ve flown to beautiful California and far flung Bali to join Lacy’s SHIFT circle and each experience has been a game changer that has thrust me into a space of accelerated learning, knowing, and feeling, and a vastly improved mode of being. I can’t imagine a better retreat experience! As a client of Lacy’s for five years, she has been my health coach, biz coach, ally in personal evolution, meditation guide, healer, and general uplifter. She’s the whole package. So call off the search. You’ve found “the one”. Lacy Young’s retreats are the best things going. (And you deserve the best.)
— LF, Boston, MA

Hearts on fire retreat

To join us please apply here. Space is limited. Applications will be reviewed within three days.